France Sport Expertise was pleased to organize an open Webinar for all companies with Paris 2024, which focused on market planning in the run-up to the Games.

Our President Claude Revel opened this session by reminding the purpose of our group and the collective interest of French companies to work together to deliver global events such as the Olympics.

Fabrice Lacroix, Chief Finance & Compliance Officer, emphasized the importance of the next Paris Olympic event for French sports companies, as a means of exhibiting French know-how.

Olivier Debargue, Director of Purchasing, explained the various upcoming contracts, the organization of these contracts over the period 2022 – mid 2023 and the broad outlines of the specifications, emphasizing on the technical quality but also the environmental and social responsibility in the weighting of the criteria.

This event will be a catalyst for expertise and a demonstration of everything France can produce in terms of event delivery, which is why companies from the entire production chain must mobilize to meet this challenge. To foster a collaborative positioning as far upstream as possible requires structuring, exchange of best practices and complementary strengths, which corresponds to the operational objectives of France Sport Expertise !

We thank all participants and keynote speakers for the quality of their interventions and we will keep you updated on further events.