The President of FSE is Ms Claude Revel, a former interdepartmental delegate for economic intelligence and a former Chief Auditor to the French Cour des comptes. The Board is composed of 14 members.

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Message from the President

Welcome to our GIE France Sport Expertise! 

Our world is and will remain globalized and interconnected. In this frame, responsibility and sustainability have become key words for our economies. The values of Sport play a critical role in achieving these goals, and so does the Sport economy. The GIE member companies are fully aware of all these stakes and goals.

As a former Head of the French Competitive Intelligence Department to the Prime Minister, I know the importance of high level standards for a fair competition. I also know how much the values of Sport can bring to a divided world and for the personal fulfilment of individuals.  

In every organisation and country, the contracting authorities are and will be rightly more and more demanding. The need for accurate and customized offers is increasing. Our GIE member companies are able to answer present requirements and continuously innovate for the future.

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Claude Revel – President

France Sport Expertise

Sports companies contribute more and more significantly to the global economy. French companies also carry values such as personal emancipation for women and men, and social responsibility.
France Sport Expertise (FSE) was created in November, 2019. It regroups about 30 leading French sports companies, each of them a strong actor and a reference in its field on the global sport market. FSE is financed by  contributions from its member companies and does not receive any public funding.

The FSE members are committed to providing Authorities as well as private clients with transformative solutions to every aspect of major sporting events world-wide.

By pooling their knowledge, expertise and resources, the FSE coalition of companies can handle any task related to their organisation. They are able to provide, among other things:

  • project management, including design, build-up, implementation and closeout;
  • manufacturing and sales of sporting goods;
  • civil and data infrastructure, build-out of IT infrastructure and data management);
  • services such as esport, financing, marketing and communication, security and threat assessment, data analytics, ticketing and sales, customer experience. 


Economic & Social Weight of France Sport Expertise


Board of directors

The Board of Directors of France Expertise is composed of fourteen members :

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