The France Sport Expertise Team is pleased to wish you all the best for 2022 !

2021 has been another intense year for our companies, in the context of this ongoing global crisis that directly affects the Sports economy.

France Sport Expertise has grown up in 2021. We are now proud to count more than 30 members committed to the promotion of the French know-how.

Many challenges are ahead of us.

International economic competition is stronger than ever. Sport, as an economic sector in its own right is therefore affected, Sport diplomacy being used as a lever of influence by States.

Making this observation, the French Governement and our companies laid the foundations of a sports economic sector that took shape in 2016 and gave rise at the end of 2019 to France Sport Expertise.

French sport represents a culture, practices, but also 77.7 billion euros in sales and 333 000 jobs, as well as a highly diversified value chain : architecture, construction, energy, transportation, flow management, security, telecommunications, ticketing, catering, equipment and infrastructure management, event planning, e-sports… All in an increasingly digitized context.

The issues at stake are important : to reinvigorate French companies – by associating the French recovery plan -, to trust them in developping domestic showcases that can be promoted in other countries, to lay the foundations of standards of social responsibility in sports that can be pushed on the international stage & to build an economic, social and political legacy. 

In this regard, 2022 will definitely be filled with new challenges ! Meanwhile, we wish you a wonderful Holiday season. 

The France Sport Expertise team.