The achievements of our member companies

France Sport Expertise aims to develop the positioning of its companies by proposing groups of companies capable of responding in a collective manner to the requirements of national and international clients in the sports industry, in infrastructure projects or throughout the cycle of a major international sports event. Their strength lies in their habit of working together to provide the best technical quality, professionalism of services, sustainable know-how at the right price and a social commitment to the values of sport for all.
BMX Track - UCI World Championships

The BMX race is a competition with 8 participants who have to cover a distance of 340 to 450 meters as fast as possible. The track is littered with bumps and must meet technical quality standards so that the athletes can practice their sport in the best possible conditions.

The ProTracks company, which specializes in urban sports infrastructures, designed the plans for the facility, taking into account the specifications of the UCI (International Cycling Union).

For the realization and construction, two other members of France Sport Expertise were called in, namely Loxam for the rental of construction equipment and Alcor, manufacturer of modular and mobile grandstands for the reception of spectators.

As this is a short-lived event, all the infrastructure designed for this major event is modular, dismountable and transportable, in particular reusable.

Mapping of our expertises for a Major International Sports Event

A Major International Sports Event is programmed over a 5 to 7 year cycle until the event is held and even afterwards to capitalize on the economic and social legacy.

The expertise of our member companies can be found at each stage of the life cycle of a Major International Sports Event : from the preparation of the bid to the delivery of the event, through the planning of an operational legacy plan.

Our matrix summarizes the expertise required during the life cycle of a Major International Sports Event and to which our member companies can respond with their technical qualities, their respect for economic, social and environmental commitments and their international references.

For more information on the expertises of our members, please contact us through our contact form.

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