Founded in 2011, MyCoach is a software company which supports the digital transformation of sports, from grassroots to elite level. It offers practical digital Apps and platforms for sports stakeholders (players, coaches, clubs, leagues, FAs).


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Brand's fields of expertise

Digitization and structuring of clubs and sports governing bodies

MyCoach provides web & mobile Apps dedicated to sports stakeholders (players, athletes, coaches, clubs, leagues, FAs)

  • Centralization of sports, medical, administrative and school data
  • Calendars, trainings and games management
  • Simplified communication between clubs, coaches, players and athletes
  • Digitization and broadcast of the technical know-how of sports experts (drills, manuals, videos, and tutorials gathered in a media center)

MyCoach is actively committed to the digitization of the sports movement, supporting:

  • 8 sports Federations and their affiliated clubs
  • International sports governing bodies: UEFA, Peace and Sport, PSG Academy...
  • General public

Performance monitoring and tracking

The MyCoach Pro platform is designed for monitoring athletes performance

  • Data collection and centralization
  • Cross-tabulation and analysis of sports, physio and medical data
  • Specific features developed for conciliating every stakeholders’ expectations: coaches, fitness trainers, physio coaches, doctors, scouts, administrators…

The MyCoach Pro platform is adapted to 4 team sports and specifically used by:

  • world-class football clubs: Olympique Lyonnais, AS Monaco, Swiss national teams…
  • almost 50% of French volleyball pro clubs including Tours VB, AS Cannes VB, Mulhouse ASPTT
  • rugby, handball and basketball world-class pro teams (Montpellier Handball, CSP Limoges…)