2 areas of expertise :
- India: the Indian sport portal in France
- France: valuing the contribution of sport to the common good

Brand's fields of expertise

Mediaghat, the Indian sport portal in France

Based on the development of sport in India (institutional, public and private), MEDIAGHAT creates the best conditions for :

- Connect French expertise and India's needs (infrastructure, knowledge exchange, commercial / marketing support for French companies in India)
- Facilitate the training of elite Indian athletes in France
- Develop CSR projects

  • Organization of discovery missions in India and France around the sport ecosystem
  • Tailor-made design, organization, coordination and monitoring of travel for elite sports teams for internships or competitions (travel, training site, accommodation, adapted meals, sparring partners) in France 
  • Organization of exhibitions or conferences around the India-France sports theme

Sport & Engagement Network

Co-created by MEDIAGHAT, the Sport & Engagement Network aims to actively participate in promoting the contribution of sport to the common good in France but also in India. We work on the design and implementation of sports projects for companies, professional clubs in connection with the territory and their actions. We support sports NGOs and corporates in their strategy and implementation.

  • Strategy and fundraising for the NGO Fight for Dignity
  • Definition of a strategy of social inclusion through sport for the head office of a CAC 40 company
  • Support for professional sports clubs in the development of their income in connection with the development strategy of their ecosystem (companies, local communities, associations, ...)
  • Evaluation of sports projects with the territories concerned