The LOCACUISINES temporary kitchen concept, a combination of modular buildings with reinforced structures and professional kitchen equipment, makes it possible to create catering points of any range and size for an ephemeral period of time.

Support for the production of
more than 5 million meals / year

Owner of more than 20 000 m²
of modules
(technical and room)

CSR evaluation rated
58/100 by EcoVadis (silver)

Brand's fields of expertise

Designer, installer and renter of modular kitchens

LOCACUISINES brings you a safe and fast solution for specific needs (event, festival, works). Our modules equipped with professional equipment ensure its user a comfort for the production, distribution and consumption of meals. LOCACUISINES will ensure the installation, after-sales service and dismantling to provide you with a professional "turnkey" kitchen.

  • 06/2020- RIE Laxou : 36 months of rent / 198m² / 400 meals a day
  • 07/2020- RIE Val St Quentin : 6 months rental / 360m ² / 600 meals a day
  • 06/2019- Nato Tiger Meet : 15 days rental / 245m² / 1200 meals a day
  • 08/2019- G7 Bayonne : 10 days rental / 36m² /250 meals day

Installer of ephemeral kitchens

With more than 4,500 appliances on its fleet, Locacuisines ensures about 300 operations per year by renting equipment or temporary stands. Events, festivals, peaks of activity or breakdowns, LOCACUISINES is involved in the delivery, installation, after-sales service, and return of the equipment you need. Collaborations are sometimes necessary to carry out these ephemeral projects.

  • 07/2020 - Jazz Festival in l'Hospitalet: 10 days / + 50 materials / 1000 gastronomic meals a day
  • 02/2020 - Agricultural show : 10 days / more than 100 materials and modules / 800 meals a day
  • 12/2019 - REGAL exhibition in Toulouse : 6 days / more than 200 equipments / demonstration and competition
  • 06/2018 - Allianz company in La Défense: 5 months / Creation of a self-service / 600 meals a day

Designer and Installer of Food Court and Specific Modules

LOCACUISINES integrates out-of-home catering with its latest innovations. The Quick&Eat and VAE modules are recently developed. Easily installed, they allow the distribution of themed meals (snack-creamer-ice creamer) in any environment. Customizable design and look, they fit perfectly into any environment.

  • 06/2020 - Lilly of the Valley in Lacroix Valmère: Quick&Eat / 3 months
  • 07/2020 - MBDA company in Plessis Robinson: 3 VAE modules / 2 months


Sales Director - Head of the Research Department
Marianna LAGARDE
Sales Administration