Decathlon is a French company specialising in design and distribution of sports articles. Founded by Michel Leclercq in 1976 in Englos in the North of France, Decathlon now has more than 100,000 employees working for the brand in 57 countries.


M € in 2018

102 307


1 647

stores worldwide

Brand's fields of expertise

Sport for All

Founded in 1976, Decathlon is more than a distributor, ten years later it's also a designer in order to be able to meet the needs of its customers and users. In 1996, Tribord and Quechua became the first signed sports, specialising in water and mountain sports respectively. In 2020, the French brand has more than 85 sports (team sports, running, golf, sailing, etc.). The entire offer has also evolved, moving from offline distribution to a phygital environment, combining a presence on the internet and in 1,647 shops in total.


Philippe DOURCY
Corporate Communications Director
External Communication Leader / Decathlon United