Founded in 2007, Amarante is one of the main security actors, and supports its clients to secure their assets. Amarante offers to organisations, global security solutions for the protection of people, property, information & technology and integrity.



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Brand's fields of expertise

Security engineering

Given the ongoing terrorist threat and the increase in social tensions, sports facilities are exposed to attacks, which aim to mark public opinion. Amarante International assists clubs and organisations in order to protect their sports facilities through penetration tests, security audits and assistance to the project owner or contractor.

  • Organization and operational planning of Olympic/event security and definition of Olympic/coaching procedures

  • Planning and development of security plans for public venues (JOP 2014)

  • For the benefit of : Lyon Olympic University Rugby, Toulouse Football Club or Olympique Lyonnais.

Crisis management

Experience shows that an entity's resilience is all the stronger when its level of preparation for a crisis is high. By introducing rationality and method into an emotional context, the technical support provided by Amarante's experts ensures optimal management and guarantees business continuity.

  • French Football Federation


Focusing on the detection of the warning signs of a hostile act, through behavioural observation, the malicious behaviour detection training is based on a panel of experienced trainers. Amarante Auirex Academy thus delivers training adapted to specific needs.

  • Olympique Lyonnais (France)

Close protection

Linked to the crisogenic nature of a geographical area or to the status of personalities, the protection of people needs to be addressed by controlled solutions that fully comply with the laws of the country. Amarante offers expertise in the field of close protection and escorting, by proposing permanent or temporary solutions that respect their way of life.

  • GL Events

Assistance to international mobility

In order to support Federations and Clubs in meeting their obligations (duty of care), HAVN is a digital safety management tool for employees to reduce risks by managing incidents. Risk analysis is carried out by Amarante Risk Intelligence (ARI), which includes analysts responsible for monitoring risks, assessing their impact and making recommendations.


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Directeur Exécutif - Offre Amarante Sport & Events